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With over 60 years of combined experience in the areas of insurance and financial services, product development and distribution, our team of tenured professionals provide our clients with the insights and perspective necessary to add real value to their bottom line. We start by evaluating the needs of our clients, their goals, and their objectives. Through our proprietary research and development process, we help our clients identify possible solutions and assist in the actual creation of those settlement plans to fit their specific needs.

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Sexual Molestation
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Phil has provided innovative solutions and insights to the financial and insurance industry for over 20 years.  He has served in a variety of leadership and product development roles, recently as a National Director for Ringler Associates and the President of Krause Capital, Inc., where he successfully integrated his knowledge of insurance, financial planning and investment advisory with settlement planning and claims management.  Phil has a track record of partnering with product developers and providers to create strategic and innovative solutions.   

In addition to his product development experience, Phil has a history of successfully distributing the solutions he creates.  His proprietary approach to problem-solving and product distribution have benefited his clients and the niche markets he serves.  Phil’s unique experiences in product development and diverse background and perspectives make him one of the most sought-after commodities in the insurance and financial product development space. 

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Claims Management Training

The claims management process is rapidly changing due to the introduction of new idea, concepts, and technology. The evolution of the claims management space has put training and education front and center for most claims management executives and professionals. As a part of our product implementation process, we provide on-going training and education to claims professionals on how to integrate our unique solutions into the claims resolution process. This ensures that executives and claims professionals are properly trained to identify opportunities and ways to utilize our unique solutions and provide the best value on each claim.

In addition, we understand how important data is when evaluating the effectiveness of a solution and its impact on your claims resolution process. We provide claims organizations with robust client data relative to the solutions we provide and their impact on claims management. Our goal is to make it easy for claims executives and claims professionals to see the real-time effect of implementing our unique solutions and their effects to the organizations bottom-line.

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